In all of my coaching services options, we will have transformative conversations that help you identify next steps, set goals, identify values, identify opportunities, share observations, identify the best actions to take, share insights, and navigate complex systems.

Together, we will develop a set of actions steps for you to work on between sessions.

Typically, we would work in person, by phone, or by Skype.  Also, I do some local coaching in homes or in the community.

Why hire a coach?

  • You are in transition
  • You want to set goals and reach them
  • You have a specific goal in mind
  • You want a partner in helping you create the life of your dreams
  • You want to enjoy your life
  • You need support
  • You want to get into the best college possible
  • You want to thrive after divorce.

Coaching Packages

I have some areas of specialty I work in that you might want to learn more about:  Professional college admissions coaching, divorce/custody/co-parenting coaching and career and business transitions coaching.

I have a variety of coaching packages which we can talk about during your complimentary consultation.  I am sure I can meet your needs.

Be in touch for your free session if you are interested in learning the benefits of coaching for yourself.

I look forward to getting to know you and to helping you attain the goals that you desire and deserve!



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